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Here at BÉ ŸÕÚ, we focus on becoming the best individuals we possibly can be. Growing in each aspect of life..mentally, physically, and spiritually. Understanding that our athletic ability is a gift from God and we can use that to bring Glory to his name. At some point in life, the ball will stop bouncing, the ball will stop being hit, you won't be able to run as fast and the game will come to an end. Your life won't though. Hopefully what you will have to fall back on is the principles you've instilled in your life that sports can teach you..commitment, resiliency, sacrifice, disciple & consistency, where you can carry those principles over into other areas of life to find success. Life is what you make it and you determine and control your destiny. BÉ ŸÕÚ, your truest and most authentic self and all will work out. God Bless.

!!!PRE-ORDER!!! BÉ ŸÕÚ x Identity Sports Performance Collab

This product created is to spread a message that Ezra & Kaz both feel strong about. Trust yourself to be yourself. God has created you uniquely. Your identity is to be found in him. What you can do for yourself is trust yourself to be you. Trust that God has a plan for you. To trust yourself that you can go out there in the world and be great at what you decide you'd like to do. To trust yourself that you can accomplish what you've set out to do, regardless of the obstacles you may face, the adversity that comes your way, and the challenges that you will have to overcome. Trust yourself to be yourself and go be great!! YOU got this!



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